Application Development and Maintenance

Application Development and Maintenance:

To succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace, organizations need to perform at their peak, at all times and enterprise applications play an increasingly important role in ensuring high business performance. With emerging applications on the cloud, the explosion of mobility, and the convergence of computing, IT leaders must strive to stay on top of their IT application portfolio to reap tangible business benefits. With improved efficiencies and reduced risk, it pays to have a well-managed applications portfolio that drives IT efficiencies and becomes the platform for business success.

Arustechnology helps companies by becoming the trusted IT partner to effectively plan, execute and manage their IT applications. Using our proprietary tools and frameworks, we help our clients accelerate their time-to-market by shortening the time spent across all stages of the application development lifecycle. Our clients experience transformational business value which goes beyond cost and quality of the software systems and applications.

  • Application development: We deliver next-generation application development services that help customers leverage the power of IT, driven by better business outcomes. We develop or customize your applications, besides ensuring superior quality and lower costs.
  • Application Maintenance: It is one thing to create an application and another to competitively manage it. To stay on top, it is important for businesses to make sure that their applications are working effectively across all platforms and networks. Our maintenance services full range of application maintenance and support services 24X7 for your business continuity.

Application development- We help you to run business critical applications by leveraging cutting edge IT technologies, keeping you ahead of the competition

  • Industrialized service – Using automation we shorten the development cycle and ensure quality at least cost.
  • Continuous application enhancements - By updating IT systems regularly, our services make processes more efficient and the applications, current.
  • Business and IT alignment – We align business priorities with optimal IT investments ensuring best TCO and ROI

Maintenance and support services- we provide for stable application performance with faster response to downtime.

  • Comprehensive support - Our services address deficiencies in software quality and address issues related to application downtime, change requests and support to niche product or package solutions
  • Lower IT costs - we lower your cost of maintenance for both physical and digital assets
  • Knowledge warehouse - We leverage our deep knowledge and know-how ensuring continuous and stable support even for complex systems support
  • Stable IT environment - we enable companies to explore newer technologies while we ensure the legacy systems run seamlessly.

Domain and Tech consulting- we engage as a strategic partner to build the best-in-business applications combining business and technology expertise, to deliver comprehensive application engagement lifecycle services. Our domain experts help our customers with strategy roadmap, project assessment, implementation, and support planning.

  • Build and run business-critical applications, with better agility and stability
  • Engaged IT talent teams that provide leverage by reducing lifecycle management costs.
  • Reduce total cost of ownerships with lower support costs while you benefit from latest technologies that are catered to you company specific needs

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