Data Analytics

Data Analytics

How much is too much? This is the common problem businesses face with handling data in today’s information overloaded world. Globally, businesses recognize the explosion of data in the new-age ecosystem they operate in, which is marked by the always connected customer, new cloud and internet-of-things applications, and mobility. Data is as much an opportunity as it's a challenge. The complex issues that businesses face while managing data is leading corporates to build an analytics-driven enterprise to monetize data.

It is immaterial where the data is. It could be in the cloud, in application servers or in both, when you face it, it overwhelms you. Besides the placement of data, it is also important to analyse the speed at which is it is needed to make business decisions, the form and complexity of data needed, all of which can be a huge asset for companies.

Let the data not inundate you. Allow us to manage it for you, giving you the benefit of our years of domain expertise coupled with working with a team that becomes part of your organisations. We help our clients move from data to decisions faster by adopting advanced analytics offerings, tools and techniques. We bring on board the right set of expertise, knowledge and skill sets to smoothen the process of data management

Capitalizing on big data and shifting innovation into high gear especially when budgets are tight and consumed by operational maintenance... is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. At Arus, our data analytics service help you drive your data management programme to meet the end-to-end needs of your industry spanning the entire analytics value chain - Data management, Reporting, Descriptive analytics, Predictive Modeling and Optimization.

  • Big data strategy and roadmap definition - develop the blueprint for a seamless data capture and analytics strategy mapping customer experience across products, channels and lifecycle
  • Technology evaluation and piloting - We can help you identify the right processes and tools to support analytics and make efficient, informed decisions.
  • Data visualization and analytics - enhance the quality and reliability of insights through data driven models and improve business outcomes
  • Idea implementation - profit by enabling your business to convert data into strategic assets that creates new revenue models
  • Solution accelerators - develop an analytics engine that delivers insights to help you increase efficiency, predict risk and reduce costs

Data unlocks hidden opportunities and insights. Arustechnology turns data into business insights by delivering information management, business intelligence and data analytics on markets and customers, helping our customers drive operational, and organizational, effectiveness, transforming them into next gen digital powerhouses.

  • Faster and efficient decision making process
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • A quick go-to-market time
  • Enhanced experience for customers
  • A better range of offerings, new revenue streams

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