eCommerce has been the game changer that has redefined the space of company-customer relationships. As the world adds more and more digitally savvy consumers everyday along with the gradual rise in last mile connectivity, companies are refining and repositioning their offerings to the end consumers.

The scope for online presence encompasses website, mobile, digital marketing and CRM. In an extremely competitive world, finding a right solution which is a good mix of physical stores and online presence is a challenge and every company is eyeing for a piece of that pie with their online presence.

With Arustechnology extensive global exposure, coupled with engineering minds par excellence, we are positioned to resolve every issue in the ecommerce space.

  • Business analysis: We start from an analysis of your current status of the business and plan an efficient strategy to develop an online store keeping in mind the marketing plan and mapping the footprint of your audience.
  • Consultancy: Our services cover 24/7 technical assistance and consultancy services for every eCommerce project we sign up.
  • Concept development: We handhold our customers right from designing of logo or a theme for your business.
  • Platform selection: We also analyse the kind of platform to be chosen. While designing we also ensure that they have the ability to communicate across multiple platforms.
  • Hosting: Our hosting solutions not just assures seamless performance of your online stores, but they are also highly scalable. Our services also cover integration of payment gateways.
  • CRM and marketing: We take pride in our CRM and marketing consulting. We have historically proved to our customers that our solutions have led to increase in sales figures and revenue generation.

ArusTech, with the understanding of the market dynamics strives to provide comprehensive high quality eCommerce solutions that will assist companies to bring in maximum impact and efficiency online. They include;

  • Consultancy services for eCommerce and digital marketing
  • Multichannel eCommerce including Mobile eCommerce
  • Order capture and pass-through to the downstream systems
  • Shopping cart development and integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Affiliate management systems
  • Price configurator
  • Reporting
  • Online store development and maintenance
  • Content management services
  • Email and Newsletter Management

Arustechnology is a committed eCommerce development service provider, providing current and relevant solutions for companies to capitalize on their online presence. We are agile and have capabilities to customize and cater to the broad spectrum of companies in size and industry specific to their needs;

  • Increased brand awareness: Our multi-platform strategy with a heavy focus on online presence is designed with an intent to achieve maximum brand presence.
  • Drop in sales cost: Integrated approach for B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions leads to reduction in cost of sales.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: A happy customer brings more customers. Arustechnology eComm software is so user friendly that it will help you in retaining existing customers and attracting new customers.

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