Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT – and the machine-to-machine (M2M) technology behind it – are bringing a kind of “super visibility” to nearly every industry, It is bringing sweeping changes for businesses and has created newer avenues for efficient customer interactions, earning opportunities for companies. Decision makers are keen to capitalize on the potential of IoT which is to bring together the information created by individuals with that of machines to produce deeper insights.

The tracking of consumer data which is possible through connected devices, sensors, and gateways will help the companies get real-time insights and analytics. IoT is a technology that is bound to have significant impact on every industry essentially creating new revenue generation sources and emerging business trends. This new-found opportunity is not without challenges, which include but not limited to security and privacy issues, lack of standards for devices and technology and information management.

Understanding that IoT requires case specific catered solutions, Arus Tech provides the comprehensive expertise for the complete suite of IoT systems. We collaborate with both platform and product companies to help increase IT efficiency. We work with product and platform companies on enhancing the products in the M2M ecosystem and provide a smart, secure and connected experience for enterprises.

Skills and resources to build, deploy and run IoT solutions are often scarce for many businesses. We bring to the table an amalgam of technological know-how coupled with in depth domain knowledge of various sectors and also consulting expertise.

  • Identify and prepare: Providing continuous support for operations for a smooth running combined with IoT consulting, strategy, implementation and problem shooting.
  • Connected devices: We develop the device IoT framework and enablement, and the hardware product designs to deliver end-to-end solutions and accelerate time-to-market
  • Mobility and cloud enablement: structuring the devices, engineering and real-time analytics
  • Managed IOT services: Cloud hosting, remote management of both infrastructure and incidents, security and scaling

Our solutions are tailor made to address different problems for different sectors. We take the load off companies by simplifying the complexities of delivering an IoT concept, with product prototype and scaling.

  • Suggest newer revenue generation possibilities by realigning to potential opportunities
  • Help reduce operational costs by streamlining processes and taking sharper business calls.
  • Higher productivity achievement for stronger bottom lines
  • Better organizational asset utilization leading to overall savings

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