Managed Services

Managed Services

A good managed service provider is an absolute necessity to assist and speed up your business processes. It would also help companies eliminate the need for a dedicated IT department or enable sharing of workload. It streamlines your IT budget, makes it more predictable and helps take an intelligent call on your future IT requirements.

Arustechnology futuristic Integrated Managed Services structure optimizes IT operations in applications, infrastructure and security domains. We have the expertise and delivery model to provide well-aligned, integrated and secure solutions. We not only address core issues, but also ensure your business functions smoothly enough like a well-oiled machine, thereby removing the pressure of such sundry tasks off your shoulders.

We deliver network, application, system and e-management services across platforms. All our offerings are designed in a manner that delivers best value for money. Our long-term relationships with our existing customers have seen it fruition into us becoming their IT partner in their growth story. This, we have been able to achieve through the following services:

To address the demands of the business and to take advantage of traditional, hybrid, and cloud environments, we help our customers manage their disparate technologies, process complexities and integration challenges using our proven tools, expertise and the global delivery model.

  • Infrastructure Management - a suite of reliable, responsive, flexible and proven infrastructure management services and solutions that deliver value to our customer's business.
  • Application Management - end-to-end applications management support to derive more out of its IT investments in its endeavor to align IT to business objectives.
  • Security Operations - establish a security monitoring and analytics system that can be used to detect, analyze and respond to threats, securing your enterprise IT and operations in the age of social and cloud.
  • Cloud Operations- Gain visibility and take control of your cloud infrastructure and applications by managing ongoing performance and capacity
  • Network management - effectively supervise the individual components of your network to ensure that users and customers can access information quickly and seamlessly while protecting the network from damage caused by faults and system errors
  • Mobility operations - bring the benefits of mobility home by improving customer engagement, more workplace productivity and deeper partner alliances.
  • Reduced downtime from server and network failures and drastic improvement in service and portfolio performance
  • Reduction in operational costs and faster ROI on IT investments
  • Improved staff productivity where IT operations are aligned to a robust business process performance

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