Portal and Content Management

Portal and Content Management

A portal is the face to your business and no portal is complete without an engaging content that adds a highly curated personal touch and is interactive. Gone are the days when web portals were mere content management systems.

Today, they are strategic end-user touchpoints. They enhance user engagement and revenue growth. Whether is an ecommerce portal or an enterprise one, businesses are waking up to the reality that the need for smooth functioning of good portal is indisputable.

Our portal and content management solutions effectively marries with the cutting edge application, well balanced visuals, creative design and development, enterprise search , migration and maintenance. Our edge lies in the fact that we build our solutions around four important aspect of managing a portal: people, process, technology and most importantly engaging content.

  • People: A good team forms the backbone and the brain of any content management project. Our team is constantly updated with changing consumer behaviour and trends to offer a well researched content to suit your customers
  • Technology: Arustechnology years of experience in managing technology backbone for portals keeps us constantly in touch with market needs and we are also quick to adopt and implement newer technologies, whether it is Big Data, mobility or cloud.
  • Process: Our processes start from studying your existing portal and its infrastructure. Based on the outcome, we design a detailed execution plan and help in creating well researched content that has maximum customer outreach.
  • Content: While creating content we collaborate with different teams in your company to collate all unstructured content and knowledge across your company to bring in a more meaningful, interactive and cutting edge interface for your portal.

At ArusTech, with the understanding of the market dynamics and years of experience, we strive to provide comprehensive portal and content management solutions. They include:

  • Consulting: We work right from need assessment to creating a portal and designing a content management strategy
  • Portal design and execution: Our team of designers will work with you to create a tailor-made portal to suit your requirements
  • Portal development and programming: We not only develop the portal but also programme it to ensure maximum visibility and efficiency.
  • Customer analytics: Our analytics platform will be able to give exhaustive and accurate consumer data which can help you design a well balanced user experience.
  • Collaboration: Our services will cover collaboration with microsites including extranet and intranet portals.
  • Testing and quality assurance: Our testing team will work with you to offer reliable testing and quality assurance services.
  • Portal Maintenance: If you already have a portal, we offer maintenance, upgrades and new feature incorporation services

Some of the advantages Arustechnology bring to the table include;

  • Create and manage content to collaborate across the organization.
  • Efficient use of social media tools: Effective use of portal and content management leads to the efficient use of social media tools.
  • Better governance: A good portal and content management service will implement good governance practice, security and compliance methods.

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