Systems Integration

Systems Integration

When companies are on the threshold of scaling new heights and are unable to achieve them due to multiple IT systems that leads to redundancy and confusion, the solution to remove the roadblock lies with a good systems integrator. With experience, corporates have grown to realise that a good systems integration practice can be a good enabler at all levels of businesses right from systems engineering to operations.

A good systems integration process often involves a big, complex project, that impacts every department in a company. The outcome of a well planned and executed implementation can enhance the business offerings to your customer and enrich the value proposition. On the other hand, if the transition is not managed properly it exposes the company to a higher level of risks and business loss. It is these risks that make a clear case for a good systems integrator.

Arustechnology with years of experience in systems integration clearly makes us your trusted partner in the space. Our offerings will help you assess the right IT infrastructure and real your business milestones.

  • We assist in transforming your existing processes, make them more scalable and robust
  • Streamline processes management
  • Reduce project development time and maintenance costs

Our integration offerings are a bundled solution that gives the best processes in the most budget friendly manner. Our integration specialists can guide you through the complexity inherent with new technology, from requirements gathering to architecture, testing to deployment, and beyond. It encompasses:

  • Business requirement analysis
  • Application and systems development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Platform integration
  • Application and system testing
  • Application roll out services
  • Project and quality management
  • IT Training services

Achieve operational excellence irrespective of your organization’s size while maximizing your IT efficiency to enable technology enabled business transformation. The benefits of our integration service include:

  • On-site assessments help you evaluate optimal integration process
  • Smooth project coordination
  • Certified experts in multi-vendor and multi-platform services
  • Accurate testing standards, best industry certifications and quality controls
  • Updated facilities which are capable of handling large volume and complexities

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